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Joe Pflug

High School Highlights

  • 154-4 Record

  • 2X State Champion

  • 2X State Runner Up

  • HS Sr. Nationals Runner Up

  • 2X ASICS All-American

Collegiate Highlights

  • 2X D3 NCAA All-American

  • D3 NCAA National Champion

  • D3 NCAA 3rd Place

  • 2X OAC Champion

  • 2X OAC MVP

  • NCAA D1 College Coach Eastern Michigan University & Cleveland State University

Mike Kovach

High School Highlights

  • 4X State Qualifier

  • State Runner Up

  • 3X State Placer

  • 3X State Placer

Collegiate Highlights

  • Notre Dame College (Ohio)

John Martin

High School Highlights

  • 140-26 Record

  • 4X State Qualifier

  • State Placer

Collegiate Highlights

  • 4 Year Starter at Cleveland State University

Longwood Wrestling Club Staff

  • President – Harold Jason Walters

  • Vice President – Anthony Magistrelli

  • Secretary – Jason Lara

  • Treasurer – Valerie Clark

  • Tony Codner

  • Lou Iacoboni

  • Ken Sanger

  • Greg Banig – Director of Communications

“It’s our focus to ingrain in our athletes the Club’s important core values and to provide the necessary tools for success. Not only to be champions on the mat, but also in life.”

Jason Walters, Nordonia High School Head Coach and Longwood Wrestling Club Staff Member

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